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Posted: Dec 02, 2010 07:15 AM
Experimenting with gun coatings...
I decided that since I had to do a total rebuild on my P2 and refinish my .45 I would experiment a little. I used a finish that was first put on a shotgun back in 1999 and has held up very well so why not, right? We so far the results are very good! It is a teflon/moly black finish that was applied after beadblasting the gun.

All parts were cleaned and coated with the internals protected except a fer areas like the air shutoff valve which was dissassembled and also treated to include the internals. So far the finish holds up very well, foam just brushes off and the seals on the valve seem to like the finish allowing less worries over foam buildup or wear on them from friction.

This is mostly to report and track it for the moment but if it all keeps working like this, I can post the information for others to do the same or offer to do it to your guns too for a good price since it seems to make things a LOT easier to clean and reduce the wear on seals so far!
Posted: Dec 02, 2010 10:36 AM
My brother used to get his pump piston rods, cylinders, valving rods,etc teflon coated more than 30 years ago. It worked ok, but got a little expensive. Most of the parts nowadays are treated so that they do not stick as much. But, things that can affect it are
1. too much heat, (don't burn them out)
2. soaking gun parts with solvent (messes up the o rings)
3. using abrasive cleaning tools, such as powered wire brushes, and hardened picking tools that can scratch the metal surface.
Posted: Dec 04, 2010 12:00 PM
Well so far it seems to be doing pretty good. One of the biggest issues I found is foam getting in the area of the airvalve on the P2 and since the foam isn't sticking very much at all, it is holding the seal better. I intentionally didn't add any oils to the setup for the trial to see how it went and so far so good.

You are right about people abusing the guns, then again when you are out in the field you tend to do that as a contractor. Now if the tool design gets mocked up like I am working on, I can have that to add to our offerings. Creating an good all-in-one for the P2 to solve a few issues I have been having and after it is tried and tested with any changes we will see about offering it up too.

Of course anything I plan to do will not be for me to make a bunch of money but mostly to help others. If I break even on any of it it would be OK since it is just trying to help others and solve issues more than any real marketing or etc that is planned. The easier it is on all of us, the better is my belief system. That and stick together against the big guys with the fiberjunk.

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