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Robin Alexander
Posted: Sep 04, 2013 01:49 AM
Basement closed cell below and above grade
I am a consumer and looking for seasoned advice. I have had several spary foam contractors at my home and talked with a few more by phone. I have a quote here from one company that includes a lapolla product called Guardian (which I think is Guardfoam 55) applied in froth pak at 2 inches above and below grade including band joist with fiberglass insulation on top of that. Another company talked to me about using closed cell on the below grade portion and then open cell on the above grade portion which would inclued OC on band joinst. Another company that exclusively sells icynene said that they would only use open cell in zone 4 due to clay soil. I talked with another company who said 1.5 CC inches in basement in zone 4 should be fine. He would use OC for band joist and for the portion of the walk out which is wood framed and above ground and CC on portion that is concrete and below and above ground at 1.5 inches and maybe 2 inches above ground if I wanted it. I'm concerned about condensation, which i am wondering might occur at less than 2 inches between wall and foam? I was also told by flash and batt consultant that the batt was needed to make sure the room did not have sound issues (echoing?? not sure what he meant) but now wondering about the space between 1.5-2 inches of cc and the drywall.. is that ok as a gap? Thank you!

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