Gen-Air-Ator Generator - Air Compressor Combo - Next Generation

Gen-Air-Ator Generator - Air Compressor Combo - Next Generation

The Next Gen-air-ation in a Generator – Compressor Package

Next Generation's newest design uses a Tier 4 Final Engine to build the Ultimate All-In-One combination. The ONLY direct coupled all 1800 RPM Diesel Generator – Rotary Vane Compressor / Combination on the market.

  • 40 KW 3 phase output (single phase optional)
  • 35 CFM @ 150 PSI air output
  • Doosan 4 Cyl. Turbo - Intercooled Diesel engine
  • 1800 RPM copper wound generator
  • Dry weight 3 phase, 1550 lbs

Specifications subject to change

Next Gen's patented Gen-air-ator now directly couples a European built Mattei rotary vane compressor to a proven Doosan powered ten-set.

  • Simple direct coupled 1800 RPM design eliminates the need for compressor to be belt driven
  • Without a belt drive, the generator - compressor combination becomes one ridged assembly, eliminating the need for a heavy frame
  • Without the need for a belt drive and frame, the machine is smaller and lighter with less vibration and noise
  • Direct coupling has no drive efficiency loss giving additional fuel savings
  • Driving a compressor off the diesel engine eliminates the huge electric motor star/top loading on the generator, thereby providing a much cleaner output
  • The cleaner electrical output is much easier on sensitive electronic controls
  • The proven Mattei rotary vane compressor has been around for 50 years with over 750,000 satisfied customers
  • Simple sliding vane design uses no roller bearings and can give up to 100,000 hours of service
  • Excellent performance in extreme cold and hot environments